Nov 10th, 2019

Ulises Conti – PERSONA 5 premiere Mardel Plata Film Festival

Nov 10th, 2019

Ulises Conti – PERSONA 5 premiere Mardel Plata Film Festival


Ulises Conti – PERSONA 5 premiere at 34° MDQ FILM FEST on Nov 10 & 11th.

Europe premiere will be screened at Gijon International Film Festival on November 19th, also at Festival Márgenes on Nov.22th.
Ulises Conti also playing short pieces from the soundtrack at Gijon Opera Theater for opening performance of Gijon Film Festival on Nov 15th.

Persona 5 is a short film about a group of teenage friends addicted to video games. Shot in Japan in only one location, we can see how protagonist of this story waste many hours and spend all their money in a passion that finally becomes the custom that destroys them.

script and direction: Ulises Conti
Edition: Mercedes D ́Angelo
Sound: Catriel Vildosola
Color & Post production: Facundo Pires
Music: Ulises Conti
Production: Yasuhiko Fukuzono
Voice: Mami Goda
Photography: Mercedes D ́Angelo, Ulises Conti
Supervisor: Lisandro Alonso
Direct sound: Koko Kimura
Record & mix: Julio Sleiman
Recording assistant: Felix Cristiani
Recording studio: La orquesta de cristal
Production assistant: Utano Yamada
Locations: Ami Matsuoka
Translation: Daniel Tundra
Design: EstudioFODA

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