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New Releases

Emma Gatrill - Cocoon

Brighton based harp-singer showcases a huge leap forward in scope & imagination

Neon Bunny - Stay Gold

weaves a thoughtful story of vulnerability, comfort

MOTORO FAAM - Fragments

and exclusive downoad of 'Selected Experimental Works 2006-2015'

Still Hot

Fabio Caramuru - EcoMúsica

a dialogue between piano & the sounds of several animals from the Brazilian fauna

Molnbär av John - The End

Swedish vinyl chamber makes nostalgia as haunted play

Cicada - Farewell

Taiwanese chamber orchestra selected the early works 2009-2014

Upcomig Events

flau presents
2016-12-11 VACANT (Tokyo) FOUNDLAND
2016-12-10 Heavy Sick (Tokyo) w. moma, miaou, tortuganónima
2016-12-23 Metro (Kyoto) Night Cruising 10th Anniversary
2016-12-23 Metro (Kyoto) Night Cruising 10th Anniversary
Henning Schmiedt
2016-12-07 Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto) w. new manuke, oboco
2016-12-23 Harcoza (Tokyo)
Rima Kato
2016-12-18 Nowhere (Toyama) + ten tote w. kazuki hashimoto
Stefan Jós
2016-11-25 Circus (Tokyo) w. jameszoo, seiho, chrissy...
2016-12-03 Sankey's Tyo (Tokyo) w. daisuke tanabe, rlp, konida....
2016-12-22 Unit (Tokyo) w. nosaj thing x daito manabe, d.a.n., neutral
Ulises Conti