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New Releases

Rima Kato 'Faintly Lit'

fragile record filled with innocent voices and winsome folk songs

submerse - Slow Waves

downtempo dreaminess and beats smothered with strokes of lushness

Ulises Conti's new album

27 pieces, from A to Z.
amazing sound of alphabet

Fresh Fresh


feat. Julianna Barwick

launch new label 'raum'

D.Hansen's new project Stefan Jós
12inch out on Feb.2nd

Machinone 'Tokyo'

a work of nostalgic, quiet conscience
Machinone makes pastral side of tokyo

Upcomig Events

Julianna Barwick
2014-01-24 shinagawa church (tokyo)
2014-01-25 kenseikan (niigata)
2014-01-26 guggenheim house (kobe)
2014-01-27 shimanouchi church (osaka)