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New Releases

CRYSTAL - Kimi Wa Monster feat.Matias Aguayo


nemui pj - pumpkin ep

new duo comprised of UK producer kidkanevil and Japanese musician Noah

Fábio Caramuru - Dó Ré Mi Fon Fon

27 Brazilian Children’s Songs with the sound design of several curious sounds

Still Hot

Emma Gatrill - Cocoon

Brighton based harp-singer showcases a huge leap forward in scope & imagination

Kumisolo - Kabuki Femme Fatale

a kaleidoscopic reading on the modern woman with unique hypnotic sounds

Christoph Berg/Henning Schmiedt

first duo album 'Bei' from zwei Berliner

Upcomig Events

flau presents
2017-05-13 Forestlimit (Tokyo) Element ft. Madegg, Fulltono & more
2017-05-16 O-Nest (Tokyo) FOUNDLAND ft. Liima
2017-05-17 Conpass (Osaka) FOUNDLAND ft. Liima
2017-05-18 Metro (Kyoto) FOUNDLAND ft. Liima
2017-03-05 Circus (Tokyo) w. Neon Bunny, Submerse
2017-03-11 Hisomine (Omiya)
Henning Schmiedt
Rima Kato
Stefan Jós
2017-03-05 Circus (Tokyo) Neon Bunny, Cuushe

Ulises Conti