Jun 7th, 2019

Rima Kato meets Christina Rossetti

Jun 7th, 2019

Rima Kato meets Christina Rossetti

加藤りま、2015年のファースト・アルバム「Faintly Lit」に続く新作は、19世紀のイギリス・ビクトリア朝時代を代表する詩人クリスティーナ・ロセッティの童謡「Sing-Song」に新しい息吹を与えるニューアルバム。10inchレコードで6/26にリリースとなります。


Singer songwriter Rima Kato interprets hundred-year-old works by Victorian poet Christina Rossetti on upcoming album Sing-Song. Filled with toy instrument daintiness and folk guitar bounce, what began as a retreat away from the world is a refreshing, pastoral bridge through time and space, connecting listeners with the words of Rossetti herself.

pre-order: https://flau.bandcamp.com/album/sing-song

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