Jun 5th, 2020

Cicada’s new single Dawn After Darkness

Jun 5th, 2020

Cicada’s new single Dawn After Darkness

Cicadaの最新シングルは、彼らがサウンドトラックを製作した映画『Last Painting』の主題歌から生まれた楽曲。2月の東京公演が直前でキャンセルとなり、彼らのライブが見られなかった日本にいる多くのファンのために製作されました。政治や社会のあらゆる問題が私たちの生活に影響を与える前例のない時代に、内と外から湧き上がる声に耳を傾ける大切さを伝えてくれる作品です。シングルはBandcampでName Your Price(投げ銭)でのリリース、各デジタルプラットフォームでも配信されています。


Cicada’s latest single is a special version of the theme song for the movie “Last Painting”. They had to cancel the show in Tokyo last minute due to COVID-19 pandemic. The best we can do as musicians in this unprecedented time is to deliver the music.

The song was the main theme of the movie Last Painting which tells the story of a social activist who was found dead in her apartment. The suspicions of her female roommate, a painter, and her best friend, overlay the tumultuous and uncertain times behind the story with the protagonists’ struggles with transgenderism and self-contradiction. The original theme song was about how trivial routines fraught with anxiety and fear while giving hope for stability. We are now living in this unprecedented time where every issue of politics and society affects our lives. We have decided to listen to the voices that emerge from within and from without.

the single out now on bandcamp for pay what you want.

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