Feb 10th, 2019

exclusive play The Future Eve ft Robert Wyatt on BBC Radio 3 & Barakan Beat on InterFM

BBC Radio3にて来月発売のThe Future Eve ft. Robert Wyatt「KiTsune」より「04.08」が公開。...

Jan 31st, 2019

Ulises Conti: “Soy un compositor independiente” by IndieHoy

Nov 4th, 2018

Nice Review for Ulises Conti – Los Efímeros by Piano & Coffee Co.

Oct 24th, 2018

Nice Review for ‘ensemble 0 plays eight compositions and it lasts 38:36’ by De Subjectivisten

Oct 5th, 2018

KWAIDAN in the Best Albums of Summer 2018 @bandcamp

Jul 4th, 2018

Nice Review for Circles by A Closer Listen

Jun 22nd, 2018

Wonderful review for Circles by Drifting, Almost Falling

Jun 22nd, 2018

Nice Review for Circles & Eco Música | Aves by Latina

Latina7月号にFLAU新作の2作のレビューが掲載されています。 Fábio Caramuru's Eco Música | Aves 「前作 “Eco Música” は...時空を越えたセッションというところで、自分には……

Jun 16th, 2018

Nice introduction for Circles & Frédéric D. Oberland’s ‘Aurore’ by LIVE EYE TV

国内では今週発売のコンピレーション「Circles」より、 FareWell Poetry、The Rustle of the Stars、...

Jun 6th, 2018

Wonderful article for Fábio Caramuru’s ‘EcoMúsica | Aves’ by Fluid Radio

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