Sep 4th, 2020

Ensemble 0 back on stage

Sep 4th, 2020

Ensemble 0 back on stage

07.09 Bayonne (Maison d’arrêt), trio – private concert
08.09 Anglet (théâtre de Quintaou), trio
17.09 Pau (Poésie dans les chais), quartet (on film “Poetry”)
27.09 Strasbourg (festival Musica), Julius Eastman’s “Femenine”
30.09 Biarritz (Atabal), Tristan Perich’s “Open Symmetry”
01.10 Pau (Centrifugeuse), Tristan Perich’s “Open Symmetry”
02.10 Albi (Riverrun), Tristan Perich’s “Open Symmetry”
18.10 Brussels (private concert), trio
21.11 Bayonne (SNSA), Reich, Klanac, Glass, Weinberg, Pisaro


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